Ice is a very cold medium.

For at least six months of the year the majority of Canadians participate in the seasonal arrival of cold, snow, and long nights.  While some eagerly await its arrival, for others the winter is a time of endurance. On Ice explores the sensorial complexities of Canadian cultural identity, belonging and disaffection through a contemplation of cold. Using the non-linear video editing software, Klynt, we propose to create a dreamscape of images, texts and sounds that thematically render our relationship to ‘cold’ with a special focus on the myriad of mixed emotions that “we” have to that most iconic of Canadian sports- hockey- and one of our most beloved of outdoor activities, skating.  We are also interested in the metaphoric potential of the idea of “on ice” as it is related to the idea of mobility and stasis- to be on ice can also signify waiting or being on hold, a feeling familiar to many who immigrate to Canada whose are often on hold waiting for the processing of their citizenship papers. Being on thin ice connotes precarity of position.

Canadians love to talk about the weather. On Ice is collaborative exercise in public discussion of one of the most banal of topics to creatively explore what it may reveal about other states of being in the world.

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